Providing Support For Bereaved Children And Their Families

Welcome to Brightest Stars

We provide face to face bereavement support to children and their families in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

We aim to provide a combination of counselling, play therapy and face to face bereavement support for children and their families following the death of a loved one.

We host face to face meetings as well as days out in the hope that we can support grieving children and their families through some of the most difficult journeys to navigate when it comes to the death of a close family member or friend.

We do not charge for our services and whilst there is no strict criteria we tend to primarily support children up to the age of 15 who have lost a parent, sibling, close friend or relative.

In the midst of one of life’s most challenging moments, Helen, the heart behind Brightest Stars, faced the unexpected and deeply saddening loss of her husband in 2022. With immense courage, she navigated the delicate task of sharing this profound change with her young son, Alfie. Their shared journey of resilience and healing gave birth to Brightest Stars. To delve deeper into their touching story and the inception of this compassionate initiative, please click the button below.

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